Halloween Horror Story: The Rainy Uninsured Hayride

October 20th, 2019 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in Uncategorized

The world is full of murders, mysteries, and disturbingly true horror stories. Most of us have at least one good horror story to share at a Halloween party or a campfire. And as an industry leader in Weather Insurance, we are no different. We have come across various stories from people and businesses who have lost out of thousands by not securing their event with weather insurance. So in the spirit of Halloween, let’s share one of those horrific horror stories!

The Rainy Uninsured Hayride

“A haunted hayride attraction opens its wagon and field of spooks and thrills to customers every year in October. Their business relies on this one month to earn all of its annual revenue. So with that being said, the company can’t afford the loss of a day due to bad weather. The hayride attraction makes an effort to open rain or shine. They even have fully covered and enclosed wagons that guests will remain dry during the hayride if it rains. But protecting a wagon wouldn’t protect this business profits for what was doomed to happen…

Over two weeks leading up to their most profitable day (Halloween night), there was an extremely high amount of rain. The rain was so severe that the dirt on the hayride path developed deep puddles making the wagon inoperable. The effects of the wet weather could cause damages and injuries, so for the safety of their guests and staff, the haunted hayride had to close for the majority of the days during their projected most profitable time. As a result, they missed out on profits that could have secured for the whole year.”

Our intention of sharing this story is not to scare you, but to spread awareness on what could potentially happen if your event is not secured with weather insurance. Everyone faces some risk of incurring debt or a lack of profits if the weather doesn’t go as planned. But luckily, you can spare yourself from sharing a scary story like this in the future by getting a weather insurance policy. More specifically for the event in the story, a rain insurance policy could have been created to address the risk of excessive rainfall. This would have protected the profits that they lost out on due to the outrageous amount of rainy days. When a business has only a month in which to earn all of its annual revenue, those days need to go as planned.

To find out how you can avoid telling this story next year, give us a contact us at 888-982-5488 to speak to one of our representatives. And Happy Halloween!

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