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December 21st, 2019 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in Uncategorized

If you know US Weather Insurance, then you know about our weather-based sales promotions. Our promotions are a great way to use the weather to create a unique promotion that is sure to increase publicity, drive traffic, and ultimately increase sales. You may be familiar with our popular sales promotions where retailers like auto dealers, jewelers, furniture stores, and appliance stores can advertise a 100% rebate on all items purchased during a specified time period if a specific weather peril occurs on a specific day. But you can take your promotion a step further and increase the odds of your customers saving money with a Chance For Rain Promotion. 

How It Works

A chance for rain can give your fans discounted tickets to your event. See below for an example:

10 percent chance for rain = $1.00 off admission

30 percent chance for rain = $3.00 off admission

70 percent chance for rain = $7.00 off admission 

100 percent chance for rain = $10.00 off admission

The above breakdown can be adjusted to reflect your events ticket prices. 

Other Weather Based Sales Promotions

For other examples of our weather promotion contests see below.

Snow on Christmas

If it snows 4″ or more on Christmas Day, any customers who purchased merchandise from Black Friday to December 1st  will receive a full refund on the price of their merchandise.

Pray for Rain

If it rains 1/2″ or more on a certain date, any customers who made a purchase will receive a full refund.

No matter what your business, where you are located, or how many new customers you want to attract, our team can customize a promotion that will allow you to drive traffic into your business and increase profits!

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