Tweet The most popular weather insurance promotion is a sales promotion. If you are a retail store a sales promotion is a great way to promote your product while driving traffic to your place of business. For example, you can run the promotion during the time period of 2 weeks and promote to your customers …
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US Weather Insurance: Cost Containment

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Tweet Your fans can’t contain their excitement. And in order to keep your expenses from spiraling out-of-control, most companies have instituted a cost-containment features to their promotions or events. This is most commonly utilized by companies and associations that are widely affected by snowfall and rain such as municipalities, airports, hospitals, homeowners associations and malls. Businesses such …
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How To Help Storm Victims

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Tweet Tens of thousands of traumatized evacuees and victims, many with nothing but the clothes on their backs, face uncertain futures in Harvey’s and Irma’s aftermath. Aid groups are working tirelessly to provide shelter, emergency services and hope. As rescuers scramble to save people from catastrophic flooding, you can help as well. Here are ways you can …
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Insurance: An Increase In Necessity

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Tweet Now more than ever, people are seeing a need for insurance amongst every industry. People are protecting their homes, their cars and their health due to the recent storm threats and affects. It’s becoming an indispensable need to have insurance for anything that can be affected by the unpredictable weather and this includes your …
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Tweet We don’t have to explain to you that climate change is having a huge impact. You can say that the proof is in the pudding, the rain, the clouds, the tornadoes, the heat-waves, the landslides, the earthquakes, the tsunamis, etc.! These changes that have become standard in nature are getting turbocharged, as indicated by researchers. …
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Holiday Sales Promotion Guide!

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Tweet We will see in a shift in weather this upcoming season from hot to cool and from humid to breezy. But no matter the change in weather pattern your business and your customers can reap the benefits on a rainy or snowy day. Let the weather play a key role in driving traffic into your …
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Tweet The weather can treat you to more than sunshine and summer rain. The weather can provide you with a sales promotion that will be beneficial to your business growth and the growth of your customers! Throw a sales promotions that is centered around the outcome of the weather. Whether is rains, or shines, your …
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Weather & Sporting Events

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Tweet Weather has had a history of interfering with events. And sporting events is no exception. There has been a long list of instances that proves that Mother Nature is as much a part of sports as the fans and athletes. Remember the Metrodome? The stadium roof collapsed in Minnesota on Dec. 12, 2010 under …
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Weather Insurance 101

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Tweet We all want to think we know the weather, but we don’t. No matter how much we monitor or predict it, it somehow finds a way to fool us. In more recent times, the weather has become more and more harder to predict. With this being said, it’s important to know about how we …
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Forecasting Beyond Tomorrow

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Tweet WMO launches new videos aimed at showing what impact climate change will have on cities by the end of 21st century. If greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, the Earth’s average global surface temperature could rise more than 4 degrees Celsius or 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of this century, according to WMO. …
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