US Weather Insurance

Weather Insurance

How do I buy weather insurance?
The process is very simple. First we need to know what type of event and/or business you need coverage for, the date and time of the weather event, the amount of the coverage, and what type of weather you would like protection against. Next we will provide you with a quote with a range of options. Pricing typically ranges from 1 – 5% of the amount of coverage needed. Once you select the quote that fits your budget then we will provide you with a weather application specific to your needs. Complete the application and submit your payment and you are covered!
Who should buy weather insurance?
Any size event and/or business can utilize weather insurance. Smaller businesses can promote a new product or grand opening by running a contest covered by weather insurance. Larger corporations can protect their yearly budget from unseen future weather occurrences. Event planners can cover their cost of any outdoor event if adverse weather occurs. Concert promoters, golf outing directors and film studios have all purchased weather insurance to protect their events from rain, snow, wind or any other type of weather you can think of.
Who measures the weather for us?
US Weather Insurance will designate the closest approved recording station in the terms of the contract. This is typically located near a major airport in your area and the historical data from this station is usually used for pricing your coverage. If an established weather recording station is too far away from your desired recording location then an independent weather observer or a forensic weather monitoring service may be used.
What types of weather do you cover?
Rain, snow, temperature, lightning, hurricane, wind speed, fog, tornado and many other adverse weather conditions can be insured.